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The Northern Maritime Museum (Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum) tells the  history of the northern Dutch shipping and shipbuilding from the Middle Ages until today.

The museum is housed in two medieval buildings. A variety of subjects are being displayed in the museum, such as:

  • Hanseatic shipping in the Middle Ages
  • Virtual Groningen in 1470
  • Peat shipping and inland navigation
  • Coastal - and Wadden Sea navigation
  • Shipbuilding in wood and iron
  • Ship engines

As a member of the association Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum (only € 15,- per year) you’ll be informed about our activities, you’ll receive the annual and you’ll get free entrance. Do you want to become a member? Click here! 

Plans for the future: ‘Towards a new museum’

In the year 2007 the Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum presented a new vision for the future of the museum.
Apart from a complete redecoration of the maritime department, a new pillar will be added to the museum: the building history and the history of the owners and tenants (inhabitants) of the two beautiful medieval buildings in relationship to the more common social and economic history of Groningen. 

Points of interest in the vision for the future are:

  • special attention on the history of the buildings and their inhabitants
  • more museum events will take place outside of the museum walls
  • more focus will be put on educational projects
  • the story of people will become a more central point of interest
  • big adjustments to the decoration and furnishing
  • expansion and improvement of the museum facilities

The implementation of these future plans will take several years. When finished the museum expects to be able to welcome a lot more visitors.

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